11th of December, 2018

Structure.Gantt 1.3.1 is a patch release based on Structure.Gantt 1.3.0

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Structure.Gantt will become a paid app beginning with release 2.0.

1. Patch release

This is a patch release based on version 1.3.0. We have addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed: when grouping transformations were applied to the structure, adjusting tasks or creating dependencies did not work as expected
  • Fixed: milestones weren't filtered out by the Resource filter action
  • Fixed:when the “Prefer Story Points over Time Tracking” option was selected, task progress was calculated using time spent, rather than status
  • Fixed: it was impossible to alter a gadget's configuration after its creation
  • Fixed: when a gadget's "Visible rows" setting was left empty, the gadget failed to display all rows

2. Installation and Upgrade

Structure.Gantt 1.3.1 requires Structure 5.1 or above.

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please consider backing up your data before upgrading.

3. Enterprise deployment notes

Structure.Gantt 1.3.1 does not introduce changes that could affect performance. We advise you to perform the usual testing on a staging server.