29th of May, 2019

Structure.Gantt 1.4.1 is a patch release based on Structure.Gantt 1.4.0

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1. Patch release

This is a patch release based on version 1.4.0. We have addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed: Gantt.Progress Structure attribute should not be affected by Structure transformations
  • Fixed: Gantt attributes should be updated on structure hierarchy changes (indent and outdent)
  • Fixed: Structure.Gantt gadget was not working properly for structures with a grouping by a component or version
  • Fixed: Default configuration should have dependencies switched off if there is no Blocks link type in the system
  • Fixed: Structure.Gantt gadget should work correctly in Jira 8.2 and IE11
  • Fixed: Scheduling should be paused for a structure if the schedule calculation takes more than 5 minutes to complete, in order to avoid excessive resource usage. Please refer to Structure.Gantt Troubleshooting for more details.

2. Installation and Upgrade

Structure.Gantt 1.4.1 requires Structure 5.3 or above.

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please consider backing up your data before upgrading.

3. Enterprise deployment notes

With Structure.Gantt 1.4.1 we're introducing a new feature that should prevent excessive resource usage for huge Gantt charts or charts that are unable to complete the schedule calculation in a reasonable time. By default, schedule calculation will be paused for a structure if it exceeds 5 minutes. Normally scheduling should not exceed 5 minutes for very large structures (scheduling of structures with 100k issues takes around 2.5 minutes to calculate), but since we are unable to check all possible configurations we've made this timeout configurable. Please, refer to Structure.Gantt Troubleshooting for details on how to adjust it.

To ensure this timeout does not affect your charts, it is recommended to perform the following operations at the staging environment before updating production servers:

  • Choose several large structures with configured Gantt charts
  • For every structure from the list, open it, switch layout to Gantt chart and wait it to fully load. Then perform regular operations like adding new tasks, adding/removing dependencies, adjusting task positions or adjusting the configuration
  • Observe results and ensure that charts are calculated and visualized normally

In the event that you receive a "Scheduling has been paused" message, the corresponding timeout may need to be increased.

Need help or have questions? Contact Structure Support.