4th of March, 2021

Structure.Gantt 2.7.2 is a patch release for Structure.Gantt 2.7.

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1. Patch Release

Structure.Gantt 2.7.2 is a patch release based on Structure.Gantt 2.7.

It includes performance-related improvements and is recommended for all systems running Structure.Gantt 2.7.

2. Supported Versions

Structure.Gantt 2.7.2 requires Structure 6.4 or above.

We support all editions of Jira (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk), versions 7.13 or later. Jira Data Center is also supported.

Structure.Gantt 2.7 (and its patch releases) is the last version that supports Jira 7.13; future releases will require Jira 8.5+.

3. Installation and Upgrade

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please back up your database or Jira before upgrading.

4. Enterprise Deployment Notes

This release improves performance by reducing the number of full schedule recalculations if a chart is accessed during intensive Jira usage. We advise performing the usual testing on a staging server.

Should you have any questions on Enterprise Deployment, let us know at  support@almworks.com .