A link is a logical connection between two issues of a certain type. The types of links are configured by JIRA administrator.

The list of available links types depends on your JIRA server configuration.

You can use several ways to create links between issues:

  • drag-and-drop the desired issues to the target issue,
  • select an issue and click Create Link button on the issue toolbar,
  • select an issue in the Issues table, copy it to clipboard, then select the issue to link with and paste the clipboard contents,
  • select two issues in the Issues table and click on Create Link button

For more information, see Working with Issues section.

Due to some technical limitations, JIRA Client may not detect existing link type until it downloads at least one issue that's linked using that link type.

JIRA Client recognizes "duplicates" link type and enables the "Resolve as Duplicate" action if such link type is present in JIRA server configuration.

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