Tag is a special mark that you can assign to particular issues for quick access in the Navigation Area. Tags work like folders allowing you to gather a set of issues from different queries for later access and processing.

The Tags folder in the Navigation Area contains a default Favorites tag .

You can also create and apply your own tags to one or several issues. To do so:

  • Drag issues from the Issues table and drop them to a desired tag if it already exists in the Tags folder.

If the tag does not exist, you can create it:

  1. Select a desired issue, right-click and select Tags or press Ctrl + T (⌘ + T).
    The Tag Issue dialog opens.
  2. Click New Tag button, type the tag name, select an icon and click OK in the New Tag dialog.
    The tag is created and applied. The issue has a new tag in the Flags column of the Issues Table and appears in the newly created Tag folder in the Navigation Area.

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