27th of August, 2017

Structure.Pages 1.3 improves support for Confluence instances with a lot of spaces. Other fixes and improvements are also present.

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1. Notable improvements and fixes

  • Significant performance improvements when dealing with hundreds of spaces.
  • Fixed: Number of issues linked to pages is limited to 25.
  • Fixed: Errors when dealing with spaces without home page.
  • Fixed: Structure.Pages License installed on one node is not applied on another node in a cluster

1.1. Multi-space environments performance improvement

Pages from Confluence instances with hundreds of spaces no longer take huge amount of time to be added to Structure.

1.2. Removing issue limit

It is now possible to add more than 25 issues under the page in the structure, the hidden limit has been removed.

1.3. Spaces without home page

Spaces without home page can now be found by Structure.

1.4. Structure.Pages License in Data Center environment

The occasional problem when license installed on one node would not be applied on the other node has been rectified.

2. Installation and Configuration

A system with Structure and Structure.Pages contains a number of moving parts, some of them from ALM Works, some of them from Atlassian. Therefore, it is very important to correctly install and configure all these parts before trying to build structures with pages.

In brief, the procedure is:

  1. Make sure you have compatible versions of JIRA and Confluence.
  2. Install Structure and Structure.Pages on JIRA.
  3. Install Structure.Pages Helper on Confluence.
  4. Configure Confluence to accept Remote API calls.
  5. Configure Application Link between JIRA and Confluence, or make sure it is configured correctly.
  6. Enable Confluence integration in Structure system settings.
  7. Monitor JIRA and Confluence logs for messages from Structure.

For a detailed description of the procedure, please see the User's Guide.

2.1. Upgrade

If you have Structure.Pages installed and working, then you have already figured out the correct configuration. The upgrade should be straightforward:

  1. Upgrade Structure add-on to at least version 4.2
  2. Install Structure.Pages 1.3, either from the Marketplace or from Download page.
  3. On Confluence side, install Structure.Pages Helper 1.3.
  4. Verify that all plugins are enabled and that on Administration | Structure | Confluence Integration you have the link to your Confluence enabled.
  5. Monitor JIRA and Confluence logs for messages from Structure.