Structure Innovations is an early access program which provides early-stage product releases. This program allows us to release products early, so we can collect real-life feedback from actual users. This feedback shapes the future of these products - helping us make them even better.

What do you get out of it?

You get to test out new products before they appear in Marketplace or get added to our existing apps:

  • Test each new product in advance
  • Help us shape these products to better meet your needs
  • Discover new solutions to make your daily work easier

What do we get out of it?

We get invaluable feedback! We’ve spent a lot of time of these products, and we know they’ll be helpful for a lot of our customers – but you know your job better than us.

Your feedback helps us:

  • Refine these products to better fit our customers’ real-world experience
  • Identify any potential issues we may not have anticipated
  • Determine the best path forward for these products

How does it work?

You decide which products you want to try, and which you don't - or enable every early-release product as they become available.

Structure Innovations sign up page

 To select your preference or enable specific products, click your account avatar at the top of the Jira screen and select Structure Innovations.

Providing feedback

As you test these new products, we hope you'll provide us with feedback about your experience - the good, the bad, and the wishful thinking! This feedback will shape future development and could lead to significant changes to these products. Because no amount of product design and testing is as valuable as real-world feedback.

You can provide feedback in a few different ways: