Want to organize your testing processes in Jira? Tried some plugins, but want something more..Agile? Want to see the result of your automated and manual tests in one place? Use mind maps, and don’t know how to migrate them into tests? Let’s see how Structure and Structure.Testy can help.

What is “Structure for Jira”?

Structure for Jira is a project and portfolio management tool for everyone from small teams to large enterprises. It lets you organize issues into hierarchies of any depth, so you can plan your projects in as much detail as you need, you can create it both manually or automatically. Basic functions are described here:

Getting Started with Structure 

What is “Structure.Testy”?

Structure.Testy - free lightweight add-on for Structure which allows you to add test run in 1 click. Just add a “test run” column to your structure and you can start testing! 

It is really helpful for regression tests, you don’t need to clone it anymore: just add test run column(via + the the table header, https://wiki.almworks.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=32223263) and run the same tests. Some usecases are described here: https://wiki.almworks.com/display/strtesty/Examples

How to Create Test Plan

Test Plan in our term is a structure with folders for your tests. Test can be created as “folder” also and live in Structure, or as regular issue (you can create special issue type for that) Structure don’t mind what issue type you want to use (other plugins mostly creates additional issue types and it can be a problem if you already had items with the same name), so you even can add your bug report and run it as a regressions test.

How to create structure (https://wiki.almworks.com/display/structure/Creating+New+Structures) manually (https://wiki.almworks.com/display/structure/Adding+Issues+to+Structure) and automatically: https://wiki.almworks.com/display/structure032/Automation

Visualize issue found during the test: how to show linked issues

As a test engineer I would like to see all bugs found during the tests. You can do it in several clicks! Just add a rule via Automation button (Automation -> Extend->linked Issues), choose link type you want to use, for example blocked by: https://wiki.almworks.com/display/structure032/Extend

(!) if you add such rule into your structure, issues matched this rule will appear/disappear automatically. And then you create an issue under the test link will be created automatically, too!

Check who run the test

Testy can show the icon of a perdon who run the test: just check Show users checkbox in the Test Run settings https://wiki.almworks.com/display/strtesty/User+Guide#UserGuide-Showusers

Check Coverage 

Testy can show aggregated data near your “parent” task. So, you can add a Story, all tests for this story under it, set the statuses and check the real progress for Story. 

If you would like to see quantity of sub-issues add Sub Items Count column: click on +, type Attribute and a name - Sub-Items Count. Use can use it to find out the quantity of tests for specific functionality or number of issues found by the test.

For Confluence users we have Structure.Pages plugin, which allows you to add your pages into Structure in JIRA. So, you can add a requirements page and tests under it, track the coverage and progress. If you describe your tests in confluence - you can add then under the stories, to see everything in one place. You even do not have to open Confluence anymore! 

Reuse you tests

The main goal of Testy plugin is to be lightweight and easy-to-use. So, you don’t need to clone or copy your tests, just add another Test Run column! Don’t need this test run anymore - remove the column. Want to check historical data? Add Existing Test Run column. 

Create test Run from your mind maps

We prepared step-by-step instructions for mindmup service, but if you use another one it will be pretty the same: export your ideas into text file and then import them via Structure Text Import plugin: structure-text-import-0.2.jar

Testy for Automated Tests

Don’t know how to track automation and manual tests in one place? Your teammates want to see progress of automated tests inside JIRA? Testy has an API for this purpose, we introduced the Swagger UI, it is available via link like <You JIRA address>/rest/testy/3/rest-browser/. Our public demo JIRA instance is available at  https://demo-structure.almworks.com, so the URL for Swagger UI is https://demo-structure.almworks.com/rest/testy/3/rest-browser/ (you should be logged in JIRA first)

Mobile Application

Thanks for our open REST API, it is possible to create your own integration! Good example - Moqa, mobile app to set statuses and check progress in Structure.Testy.  

Pricing and Demo Instance

Structure.Testy - free add-on, but Structure price depends on your JIRA-tier: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.almworks.jira.structure/server/pricing

Check the plugin before the purchase on our demo instance, https://demo-structure.almworks.com/secure/StructureBoard.jspa?s=187&os_username=demo&os_password=demo

Note, that you also can evaluate a plugin and check it in your own environment up to 6 months

Other Test Management Solutions

If you need something more test specific, check these solutions in JIRA:

Adaptavist Test Management https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1213259/tm4j-test-management-for-jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overview

XRay https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.xpandit.plugins.xray/server/overview