If your mind-mapping tool has export to a text file with tab-intended format, you can import it to Structure and use as tests in Structure.Testy

Step-by-step instructions for mindmup service:

  1. Create you beautiful map

  2. Export it into text file via File → Download as → Outline

  3. Choose Tab-intended format and click Export, download file with results

  4. Install Structure Text Import plugin into your JIRA via Amdinistration→ Manage add-ons page (note, it is unsupported): structure-text-import-0.2.jar
  5. Go to Structure menu, select Import text

  6. You text will be pasted as  issues to Structure, so you need to define several parameters:
  • Define Structure (create new Structure before importing if needed), 
  • Project for new created issues
  • Issue type (perhaps you have special Test type, or just use the regular one)
  • Check "Use folders for parent items "checkbox if you want to create parent items as folders
  • Paste data from the file downloaded in step 3 into Imported Text field

    7. Tests will be created after clicking Import,