Automation is a powerful feature that lets you create dynamic structures, which will update themselves when there are changes in Jira (and can update Jira when you make changes in the structure).

You can make parts of a manually created structure dynamic – for example, automatically place all issues that match a query under a manually added folder – or you can build your entire structure using automation.

How Automation Works

Automation works through generators – special rules that tell Structure what issues to show you from Jira and where to place them within the structure. We like to think of this as the "skeleton" of a structure.

Every time you open a structure, these generators will run again and completely rebuild the structure, based on the current information available in Jira. In fact, Structure will continue to check for changes even while the structure is open, ensuring that the information you are seeing is up-to-date, without needing to reload the page.

Types of Generators

Generator Scope

Generators are added right inside the structure, just like other items, and their scope is defined by their position within the structure. Place the generator at the top of the structure, and it will impact the entire structure. Place it under a folder, and it will only affect items within that folder.