For each issue field in your Jira, Structure offers a column that displays that field's value.

Each Structure view contains a different set of field columns, with a focus on a specific task or business need. But each team has different needs - if you don't see the issue fields you're looking for, you can simply add new columns to include them in your structure.

Displaying Aggregate Values (Totals)

To display aggregate totals for a numeric or time-tracking field, check the Sum over sub-items box.

If the Sum over sub-issues option is unavailable for a given field, then the aggregate cannot be calculated.

Editing Field Values

Most issue fields can be edited directly in the Structure panel – you can edit a field's value by double-clicking it (if the field is added to the Edit Screen in Jira).

When an aggregate value is displayed, double-clicking the field will allow you to edit the issue's own value.

When editing Status, you can only select statuses that are allowed according to the workflow and that have no required fields or dialogs to show in the corresponding transition.