Basic Moves

Using the Structure toolbar or your keyboard, you can move items up or down within a structure, or change their location within the hierarchy, one position at a time.

To move an item, simply highlight it in your structure and use one of the following commands.


Keyboard Shortcut

What it does

Move Up

Ctrl + Up

Without changing the item's parent, moves the item up and places it before the previous child - if possible.

Move Down

Ctrl + Down

Without changing the item's parent, moves the item down and places it after the next child - if possible.

Level Up / Outdent

Ctrl + Left

Move the item one level up. This will place the item after its parent.

Level Down / Indent

Ctrl + Right

Move the item to be a sub-issue of its current preceding sibling.

Mac Users: Use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

When you move an item that has sub-items, the whole sub-tree is moved.

Advanced Moves

To move items more than one space at a time, use Drag-and-Drop or Cut & Paste.


Using the mouse, you can Drag-and-Drop items anywhere in the structure, even moving them from beneath one parent item to another.

To move an item with the mouse, use the Drag and Drop Handle on the far left of the item's row.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste also allows you to move items to any location within the structure. It can even be used to copy the hierarchy from one structure to another.

Moving items with Drag-and-Drop or Cut & Paste can be undone.

Moving Multiple Items

You can select multiple items and move them all together, using any of the methods mentioned above. Just keep in mind the following rules:

  • Moving items with the toolbar or keyboard (Move Up/Down and Level Up/Down) only works if all of the selected items are at the same level in the hierarchy and under the same parent.
  • Drag-and-Drop and Copy & Paste support multiple-item moves in any configuration.

See also: Selecting Multiple Items

Back-to-Back Moves

When you make changes in a structure, they are uploaded to the server asynchronously, allowing you to continue working, regardless of any network delay. If you need to make several moves, one after another, you can do so without having to wait for each change to take effect on the server side.

If changes are still being processed, the synchronization icon will appear in the status bar.

Moving Items with Automation

If you used Automation to build all or part of a structure, the content it adds cannot be moved as freely as content which has been manually added to a structure. If you attempt to move an item in your structure in a way that does not fit within your generators' rules, you will receive an error message.

In order to move items freely within a generated structure, you may need to enable Manual Adjustments.