This page lists public services provided by Structure API. All these services are available from StructureComponents instance.

Services to Start With

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Create and delete structures, modify structure properties such as name or permissions. (But not to work with the structure's content.)

ForestServiceAccess forests for reading or changing.
StructureAttributeServiceRetrieve attribute values for given rows in a given forest.
RowManagerExtract item information for rows read from a Forest.
FolderManagerCreate folders or change folder properties.
GeneratorManagerCreate generators or change generator properties.

More Power

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StructureConfigurationChange global Structure add-on configuration.


Create and manipulate views.


Manage synchronizers.


Backup complete Structure data to a file or restore it back.

StructureFavoriteManagerRead or change which structures are favorite of which users.
PropertyServiceStore arbitrary properties.


Store arbitrary per-structure properties.
AttributeSubscriptionServiceCreate a subscription for a set of attributes and rows and load data for them asynchronously.

Extreme Power

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ItemTrackerTrack recorded changes that happened to items (in JIRA Data Center – on all nodes of the cluster).
ItemResolverConvert ItemIdentity into an object representing that item.


Listen for or report issue events.


Parse an S-JQL query.

StructureQueryBuilderFactoryBuild an S-JQL query via Builder pattern.
ProcessHandleManagerManage feedback page for asynchronous processes.
SyncAuditLogAccess or manage Synchronization Audit log.


Run a job asynchronously.

ScheduledJobManagerSchedule a periodical job to run asynchronously (only on a single node in a cluster).