While drag and drop is a nice and visual way to rearrange items, it is not always effective for dragging drag items across large structures. Copy and paste solves this problem: once you copy items to the clipboard, you can scroll through the structure until you find exactly where you want to paste them.

When you copy or cut issues using the toolbar or Ctrl+C / Ctrl+X (Command+C / Command+X for Mac), the selected items are placed into the clipboard. When you paste with Ctrl+V (Command+V), items are added immediately after the currently focused item.

To paste items under the currently focused item (as its children), press Ctrl+Shift+V (Command+Shift+V).

See Selecting Multiple Items for details about multi-selection.

Copy / Paste Scenarios

There are two main scenarios for using the Issue Clipboard:

If you have any text selected on the page, the Copy/Cut keyboard shortcuts will operate on that text, not the items in your structure. The text will be copied to the system clipboard, and the Structure clipboard will not be affected.