Filter generators allow you to limit the scope of your structure by removing any issues that do not pass certain criteria.Structure offers the following types of filters:

Once you add this generator, you will only see those items that pass the query and their ancestors.

The ancestors are necessary to show the issues' placement within the hierarchy.
Placement matters. Generators only affect issues beneath them, so if you want to filter the entire structure, place the generator at the very top (by selecting the structure's name in the top row). If you place it anywhere else, it will only filter the items beneath it.

When to Use the Filter Generator

The Filter generator can be used with a manually-built structure, or combined with an Insert generator to limit the issues that are added.

It is particularly useful when used in conjunction with other generators, in order to limit the number of issues based on a specific Jira or Structure attribute – in the example above, we've filtered out everything except unassigned issues.

Use the Filter generator when you always want issues filtered within the structure. To temporarily filter issues, use the Filter button in the toolbar or Quick Transformations.

Configuring a Filter

When setting filters, you can select certain options to customize which issues wind up in your structure.

While each filter has its own options, they all include the following:

  • Show all sub-items of matching items - If this option is selected, all issues that match your filter criteria will be included in the structure, along with any sub-items of those issues.
  • Filter on level - You can apply a filter to specific levels within your hierarchy. For example, you may want to include all top-level items, but then filter the stories beneath them. See Generator Scope to learn more about customizing levels.

Filter by Sprints

With the Sprints filter, you can select whether to include active, future, and/or closed sprints.

The Hide Closed Sprints filter does not offer any options when first selected, but it is in fact a Sprints filter with only the Active and Future sprints selected.

Filtering by Sprint (and the predefined Hide Closed Sprints) is limited to inserted structure(s), not to the whole structure. Also, as these filters apply to Sprint folders rather than issues themselves, Show all sub-items of matching items is made redundant.

Keep non-issues

This option is available under the JQL filter. When checked, non-issue items, such as folders, will remain in your structure regardless of whether or not they match your filter criteria.