You can revert changes made by an Effector:

Revert Effector Changes Immediately After an Effector is Run

Once an Effector finishes applying changes, you will see a confirmation letting you know that all changes were made. If the Effector is unable to make some or all changes, that information will be displayed here as well.

Effectors Completed Confirmation

To revert any of these changes, click the View history link to open the Effector Process Audit screen. From there, locate the change you need to revert and click its Revert link. To revert multiple changes, select each and click Revert Selected, or click Revert All.

Review Effector history

Revert Effector Changes using the Manage Effectors Page

You can review and/or revert changes made by Effectors at anytime. Simply go to the Structure menu and select Manage Effectors.

Manage Effectors in the Structure Menu

The Manage Effectors page lists every time an Effector has been run.

Manage Effectors screen

From here, you can review and revert changes from these Effectors. 

  • To revert all changes made by an Effector's run, click the Revert link next to the appropriate run.
  • To review each change and select only certain changes to revert, click the ID for the run.

In either case, this will revert the current field values to the values prior to this Effector's run, even if other changes have been made since.

Revert Changes Made During a Revert Process

After you revert changes from an Effector, a new process will be added to the Manage Effectors screen. You can review and revert changes from this process just as you can with any other.

Revert process listed on the Effector Processes screen