When you Archive a structure it becomes read-only and is hidden from search results and menus. The issues within the structure are not affected in any way. They remain in Jira and can still be part of another structure.

Read-only means that users cannot add, remove or move items (issues, folders, memos, generators) in the archived structure.

Archive a Structure

To archive a structure:

  1. Open the Manage Structures page using the top navigation Structure menu.
  2. Find the structure you'd like to archive, open the Actions menu (...), and select Archive.

  3. Review the structure you are about to archive and confirm the operation. You can Unarchive the structure in the future.

Selecting Archive from the Action menu

You need Control access level to be able to archive a structure.

Unarchive a Structure

You can restore an archived structure to make it editable and visible in all menus.

To unarchive a structure:

  1. Open the Manage Structures page using the top navigation Structure menu.
  2. Select the Archived tab and locate the archived structure. You can also search for the structure using the Search tab – just remember to check the Show Archived box.
  3. Once you locate the structure, open the Actions menu (...), and select Unarchive.

Selecting Unarchive from the Action menu

You need Control access level to be able to unarchive a structure.

Searching for Archived structures

Archived structures can be found on the following tabs on the Manage Structures page:

  • Archived tab
  • Favorite tab - if your favorites list contains any archived structures
  • Search tab (Search by structure parameters) - you must check the Show Archived box
  • Search tab (Search by the structure ID)

When an archived structure is opened, an Archive label appears next to the structure's name, so users can quickly identify it and know that it is read-only.

Generators (Automation) and Archiving

When you archive a structure built using generators, the generators used to create the structure are saved, but not the issues they add. If you open or unarchive the structure at a later time, it may contain different issues and/or a different hierarchy from when it was archived, because the generators always build the structure based on current Jira values.