Automation is a powerful feature that lets you create dynamic structures, which will update themselves when there are changes in Jira (and can update Jira when you make changes in the structure).

You can use Automation to build part or all of a structure. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to do the latter – both because we think it's useful and we want to show off how easy it is to create highly-specialized hierarchies using Structure (we're very proud of that!).

A (Very) Brief Overview of Automation

Before we get started, we should take a moment to explain briefly how Automation works.

Automation uses generators - special rules that tell Structure what issues to show you from Jira and where to place them within your structure. Every time you open Structure, these generators will run again and completely rebuild your structure, based on the current information available. In this way, you know that your structure is always up-to-date and relevant. To learn more about how Automation works and the types of generators available, see Generators.

For now, we'd like to show you you how to build two of our most popular (and useful) automated structures, both of which can be built in just a few minutes.