A view defines which columns are displayed in Structure and in what configuration.

You can add the following types of columns to a structure:

  • Agile - Including epic color, epic name and issue color.
  • Issue Fields - For each issue field in your Jira, Structure offers a column that displays that field's value.
  • Progress - Display an aggregate issue progress, which is calculated based on values from the issue and its sub-issues.
  • Totals  - Display aggregate values for issue progress, which include progress values from sub-issues.
  • Test Runs - Build custom testing solutions with project-specific hierarchies with our free extension, Structure.Testy.
  • Planned Time - View and manage Planner by Tempo plan data alongside your project data.
  • Work Logged - View and manage Timesheets by Tempo work logged data alongside your project data.
  • Many more - To learn more about the available columns, see Adding Columns.

The following sections will show you how to customize your columns and views to provide exactly the information you need.