Deleting a structure cannot be undone. If there is a chance you may need the structure in the future, consider archiving it instead.

When you delete a structure, the following information is deleted:

  • The hierarchical list of issues from the structure
  • Structure details - name, description, permissions
  • Automation rules for the structure
  • Synchronizers installed into the structure
The issues within the structure are not affected in any way. They remain in Jira and can still be part of another structure.

To delete a structure:

  1. Open the Manage Structures page using the top navigation Structure menu.
  2. Find the structure you want to delete and click the Delete link in the Operations column.

  3. Review the structure you are about to delete and confirm the operation. Remember: this action cannot be undone!

You need Control access level to be able to delete a structure. See Structure Permissions to learn more.