Structure is a real-time collaboration tool. The hierarchy displayed in a structure is kept up-to-date with the Jira server, so:

  • If someone else changes the structure on the server, you will see the web page update within several seconds.
  • If someone edits an issue or otherwise changes it, the field values displayed within a structure will also be changed.
  • If any part of a structure is built using Generators, the inclusion and placement of issues within the structure will automatically update based on relevant changes in Jira.

Items that have been added, removed, moved or changed are highlighted for a second with a flashing yellow background.

Structure keeps data up-to-date by polling the server with short requests every few seconds when the application is in use. If Structure detects that the browser is inactive or that the user has switched to a different browser tab, it will reduce polling frequency or possibly stop polling altogether to conserve network traffic.

Polling should resume as soon as Structure detects activity, but if you ever feel that data may be out of sync, simply move the mouse or select a new issue.