Every structure has the following parameters:

  • Name (required) - Name is used to identify the structure in the drop-down menus, including the Structure menu in the top navigation bar.
  • Description - Used to describe the purpose of the structure to users. 
    • Expand structure description when opening structure - When set, the description will be displayed the first time a user opens the structure. 
  • Owner - The owner of the structure. To change the owner, you must have Control permission for the structure.
  • Permissions - Defines who can view, edit or configure the structure. See Structure Permissions for details.
  • Optional Settings:
    • Require Edit Issue permission on parent issue to rearrange sub-issues - When set, users cannot move sub-issues unless they have permission to edit the parent issue as well. See Structure Permissions for details.
    • Allow manual adjustments of generated content - Enables or disables manual adjustments.
  • Time Limit - Determines the maximum amount of time Automations can run before being paused.
  • Favorite - When selected (the star is filled in), the structure will appear in your Favorite Structures list.

Structure Configuration screen

You can specify structure details when Creating New Structures and when Editing Structure Details.