I have a number of fields required for new issues. When I try to use Structure's +Next Issue or +Sub-Issue button, the creation of the issue fails, because the values of the required fields were not provided.


There are two ways to create new issues when additional fields are required:

  1. Switch to the Create Issue Dialog

At the bottom of the Add Issue panel, click the Switch to Dialog link to access additional fields. See Creating New Issues: Create Issues Using the "Create Issue" Dialog for more information.

  2. Add the Required Field to the View

You can enter additional fields when creating a new issue, as long as the field is part of the current view. See Creating New Issues: Editing Other Fields During Creation for more information.

If the initial creation of an issue has failed, you don't have to lose the entered data. Just add the required fields and double-click on the value you need to edit, or click the Edit button in the toolbar. You can change the values of the new issue and try to create it again.