There may be times when you need to restore a structure to some previous state. You can do so using the History panel.

To restore a structure using History:

  1. Delete all current items in the structure before restoring its previous version from the history.
  2. Open the structure History panel.
  3. In the history, find and select the moment when the structure was in the desired state (before the unwanted changes took place).
  4. Press CTRL+A (⌘+A on Macs) to select all issues and press CTRL+C (⌘+C) to cut them to clipboard.
  5. Switch off history panel and press CTRL+V (⌘+V) – this should rearrange the structure according to the view you selected in the history.

If you have some complicated synchronizers (for example, ones which use S-JQL in their configuration), we recommend temporarily disabling the synchronizers before restoring. After the restore is finished, you can enable them and run the resync.