Everyone uses the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) a bit differently, but Structure is highly customizable and easy to tailor to your specific SAFe needs.

Step 1: Build a SAFe Structure

To create a structure for SAFe: 

  1. Go to the Jira menu and select Structure | Create Structure
  2. Add initiatives: Automation | Insert | JQL Query | enter the appropriate JQL, such as "Project = 'project name' AND issuetype = initiative"
  3. Add epics below initiatives: Automation | Extend | Linked Issues | choose the type and direction used to assign Epics to Initiatives, such as "Implements" or "parent is Implemented by sub-issue"
  4. Add issues belonging to epics: Automation | Extend | Stories under Epics
  5. Add sub-tasks: Automation | Extend | Sub-tasks
  6. Sort by rank: Automation | Sort | type "Rank"

Step 2: Add Data

Next, add the data you need to track by clicking the button at the top-right corner of the structure. You can add as many columns as you need, including:
  • Jira fields, such as status, assignee, sprint, or remaining estimate
  • Progress - track status based on issue progress, percent completion, or resolution
  • Tempo Work Logged - track how long your team is spending on each issue
  • Formulas - create your own formulas to compare fields or create a visual report
  • Time in Status - see how much time issues spend in a particular status

  • Last Comment - view the latest comment for each issue

Once you've added your columns, you can aggregate the data up the structure. To do so, open the column you want to aggregate and select Sum over sub-items.

Take SAFe management to the next level

By adding Structure.Pages, you can manage your Strategy documentation and linked issues all in one place.

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