If the generators in a structure are taking too long to run, or they exceed the maximum size for a structure (currently 10,000 rows), the generator processes will be paused.

When generators are paused, the generators stop working and all their content is removed, leaving only manually inserted items in the structure. A notification banner will appear above the structure, letting users know the generators were paused:

Automation Paused

Resuming Generators

To restore the structure, you will need to edit or delete some of the generators in the structure. To do this, refer to the information provided in the notification:

  • In the event that maximum structure size was exceeded, the banner will list all generators that are trying to insert items in the structure and how many rows they are trying to insert (see screenshot above). Click on any of these items to be taken to the corresponding generator in the structure to delete or edit it.
  • In the event that generators are taking too long, the banner will list the percentage of generation time spent on each generator before time ran out. In the example below, 100% of generation time was spent on the Insert generator, so clearly it is taking too long and should be reviewed.

Automation Paused because generators took too long

After a generator is deleted or edited, click the Restart all button on the banner to restart the generators.

Restart all button to resume paused automation

Once you click Restart all, one of two outcomes will occur:

  • If the generators still exceed Structure limits, the generators will not be restarted, and the notification banner will update to reflect the current configuration. More actions from a user will be required.
  • If the generators can now complete within Structure limits, the generators will be restarted, and the structure will be generated. The banner will inform you that "Automation was successfully resumed." At this point, you can close the banner.
Deleting a generator from a structure doesn’t restart the remaining generators. You must first click the Restart all button. This allows you to perform multiple actions before restarting the generators.