The Basic Insert generator allows you to automatically add issues to your structure based on values for different Jira fields and other criteria - in much the same way you search for issues in Jira.

Basic Insert Options

Adding a Basic Insert Generator

To add a Basic Insert generator, open the Add menu and select Insert.

Add an Insert Generator

This will display the Insert generator options. Select Basic Insert.

Available Insert generators

Configuring the Generator

To customize your Basic Insert, select the criteria you want to use and enter values that should be included. Issues that contain all the specified values will be added to the structure. You can use as many or as few criteria as necessary to determine which issues should be added to the structure.

Customizing the Basic Insert

To customize the available criteria, click the +More button.

Additional fields selection


The Basic Insert will add as many issues to the structure as fit the criteria you've selected. To limit the number of issues the generator adds, enter an appropriate number in the Limit field. By default, the limit is set at 1,000 issues. This is currently the maximum number of issues that can be inserted with a generator.

Applying the Generator

Once you've configured your Basic Insert, click Create or Save (if editing an existing generator)The Basic Insert generator will now appear as a new row in your structure, with the added issues placed below it.

Structure with Basic Insert generator