Users who are familiar with current versions of Structure for Jira Server, Data Center or Service Management (formerly, Jira Service Desk) will notice some differences in Structure Cloud. Additionally, there are some features that are currently not available in Structure Cloud. Don't worry. We are working to bring many of these features to Structure Cloud as soon as possible.

  • Formulas are only available in Formula columns. They cannot be used for generators or transformations.
  • Structure extensions - Currently, only Structure.Gantt is available for Structure Cloud. Structure.Testy has been added to Cloud as Test Run columns. Structure.Deliver and Structure.Pages are not available.
  • Structures are not available on Jira project and issues pages at this time.
  • Some issue fields cannot be shown in Structure columns.
  • Structure permissions:
    • It is not possible to define or limit which projects can be used in Structure. Currently, issues from all projects are available.
    • It is not possible to define who can create structures or edit generators. All users with access to the app can create/edit structures.

Migration from Jira Server/DC to Jira Cloud

If you're currently using Structure on Jira Server or Data Center, learn about your options for migrating to cloud: Migration from Jira Server or Jira Data Center

The following Structure Server/Data Center/Service Management features are currently not available in Structure Cloud:

  • Text wrapping
  • Saved columns (saved formulas)
  • Filter by Field generator and transformation
  • Notes column
  • Bulk issue editing/cloning
  • Confluence Macro
  • Perspective sharing
  • Group, Sort, and Extend Transformations (Quick Filters are available)
  • Pinned items
  • Manual adjustments in automated structures
  • History of changes inside a structure (1-step undo is available)
  • S-JQL ( structure() function in JQL)
  • Issue actions menu (see Jira Actions Column)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Default structure
  • Favorite structures
  • Search for structures by owner / permissions
  • Effectors