The Expr language does not allow certain constructs in a formula. When a user creates a formula with one of these, the ??? error is shown, and the disallowed section of formula is highlighted in red.

The following situations will cause validation errors:

  • Illegal user function name - A user function name shouldn't coincide with a system function name.
  • Same parameter names in user function - All parameter names for a single user function must be unique.

  • Local variable usage in aggregations - A local variable cannot be used in an aggregation function, if the variable is declared outside of the aggregation function. Local variables declared inside curly braces are allowed. The same is applicable to user function parameters and the implicit parameter "$".
  • Unsupported aggregation modifier - If a modifier isn't recognized by an aggregation, it's an error. This only affects modifier names.
  • Wrong aggregation modifier value - Some aggregation modifiers require a value to be passed in the right format. For example, specifying parent#level=1.5 is an error.
  • Error in embedded JQL query - JQL has its own syntax and may produce errors if a query is not correct. These errors are highlighted in the same manner as other errors.