The scope of a generator is defined by its position in the structure and the levels it is applied to.

Generator Placement

Generators are applied to specific levels within the structure hierarchy, where "Level 1" is the level where the generator is located.

  • If you place the generator at the very top of the structure, it can be applied to any level within the structure.
  • If you place it under some static item within the structure, the generator cannot affect any items above it in the hierarchy.


To limit the scope further, each generator allows you to specify which level or levels the generation is applied to. Levels are based on the placement of the generator, where "Level 1" is the level the generator is located on, "Level 2" is the level beneath that, and so on.

Generator scope based on levels

Be Specific

If you wanted to pull in issues linked to the issues on level 2, set the From field to 2 and To field to 2. This will limit the generator to that specific level.

If the From field is set to 2 and the To field is set to 3, this would:

  1. Pull in all issues linked to the issues in level 2, and
  2. Pull in all issues linked to the new issues you just pulled in (because they will be placed on level 3).

You can also leave the From or To field blank:

  • When the From field is blank, the generator is applied from the current level to the level indicated in the To field.
  • When the To field is blank, the generator is applied to the level indicated in the From field and all levels below it.

The more levels you include, the longer the generator will take to run. On larger structures, this could impact performance. It is best to limit each generator to only the required levels (or a close approximation) and use "All levels" only when absolutely necessary. See Performance Considerations for Automated Structures for more information.

All levels

Some generators allow you to select All levels. In this case, the generator will be applied to the generator's level and all its descendants. Note: it will not be applied to levels above the generator.

Structure Cloud currently supports a maximum of twenty levels.