To manage your existing structures, go to the Structure Selector menu and select All Structures.

All Structures in the Structure Selector menu

On the all Structures page, locate the structure you want to manage and:

  • Configure the structure - click the gear icon (must have Control permission)
  • Open the structure - click the structure's name or Open in the Actions menu
  • Copy the structure - click Save as New Structure in the Actions menu
  • Delete the structure - click Delete in the Actions menu (must have Control permission)

You can also create new structures by clicking Create Structure at the top of the screen.

Configure a Structure

Clicking the gear icon (configuration) will open the structure's configuration page. Here, you can update the structure's name, description and/or permissions.

Edit structure settings

If you want to change the configuration for the structure you are currently working on, in the Structure Selector menu, click Configure Structure - this opens the Edit Structure page for the current structure.

Configure the current structure

Learn more about managing structures: