Everyone uses the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) a bit differently, but Structure is highly customizable and easy to tailor to your specific SAFe needs.

Step 1: Build a SAFe Structure

To create a structure for SAFe: 

  1. Open the Structure Selector menu and select Create New Structure
  2. Add initiatives: +Add | Insert | JQL Query | enter the appropriate JQL, such as "Project = 'project name' AND issuetype = initiative"
  3. (For non-Jira Plans users) Add epics below initiatives: +Add | Extend | Linked Items | choose the type and direction used to assign Epics to Initiatives, such as "Implements" or "Parent (Advanced Roadmaps)"
  4. Add the rest of your issues: +Add | Extend | Child issues | under Add, select Issues under epics, Sub-tasks, and (for Jira Plan users) Jira Plans hierarchy.
  5. Sort by rank: +Add | Sort | Field | select "Rank"

If you use a custom field for planning, such as Planning Increments, you can group issues by this field as well: +Add | Group | select the custom field

Step 2: Add Data

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