Structure search allows you to locate and focus on specific issues within the structure, by temporarily filtering the structure based on a text or JQL query. To search for issues in a structure, click the Search button, type your query into the search bar, and click Search.

Once the search is applied, only issues that match your query and their parent items will be visible in the structure. Parent items are kept to preserve the hierarchy view.

Search Types

The current search type (text or JQL) is listed to the left of the search bar. To select a different search type, click the down arrow.

Text Search

The text search returns items that contain all of the entered words within the Summary field. Each word must be present in the summary, or the summary must contain a word that begins with the specified word:

  • Searching for "plan" will return issues that contain the word "plant"
  • Searching for "plant" will not return issues that contain the world "plan"
  • Searching for "planning" or "planned" will return issues that contain the word "plan"

If you search for multiple words, those words may appear in any order within the summary.

JQL Search

The JQL (Jira Query Language) search allows you to filter issues based on Jira values. As you type, auto-complete will suggest fields, operators, and values, and let you know whether you've entered a valid query:

  • A green checkmark icon means you've entered a valid JQL query
  • A red exclamation icon  means the JQL query is invalid or incomplete

A checkmark means the JQL is valid

Always Up to Date

If data changes in Jira, search results are automatically refreshed for the structure.