Global permissions determine which Jira Cloud users have access to Structure Cloud. This is at the app level, so users without access will not be able to view any structures, nor will they see the Structure link in their Jira navigation bar.

More granular access controls (assigning view, edit or control permissions), are done at the individual structure level, using Manage Structure.

To enable/disable Structure Cloud access for users, Jira Cloud admins must go to the Settings | Systems | Global permissions and scroll down to the Access to Structure Cloud section.

User groups with access to Structure Cloud are listed here:

  • To review or edit a group, click the corresponding View Users link.
  • To remove a group, click Delete.

Setting global permissions for Structure

Only Jira Cloud admins can change global permissions.

By default, the atlassian-addons-group should have "Browse users and groups" permission - this is required to access Structure. If this permission has been removed, go to the Grant Permission section at the bottom of the Global permissions screen and add the following permission:

  • Grant: Browse users and groups
  • Group: atlassian-addons-admin


Project Permissions

In order to view issues from specific projects within Structure, under Project settings, make sure 'Project Role (atlassian-addons-project-access)' has Browse Projects permission.

Browse Project permissions