The Share button allows you to easily share a structure with anyone (or everyone) on your team.

Share button

To share a structure, click the Share button in the Structure toolbar and then: 

  • Click the Share with everyone toggle to give everyone in your organization view-only access to the structure and the currently selected view, and then send a link directly to the users you want to see it right away.

  • If you need to limit permissions to specific individuals or groups – or give greater control over the structure to the people you share it with – before sending the link, update permissions using the Configure Structure page.

Once you've shared a structure, any changes you make to the structure will be visible to other users. Any changes you make to the shared view will be visible once you've saved those changes.

If you receive an error message when trying to view a shared structure, it is likely because you don't have permission to view the structure. Contact the user who shared the link with you, and ask them to change the permissions for the structure and view.


When sharing a structure, please consider the following:

  1. If you share the link with someone who does not have access to the Structure app or the individual structure you've shared, they won't be able to use your link.
  2. If the structure contains issues accessible to you but not to the other users, they will not see them in the structure.

  3. Any unsaved changes to the shared view will not be visible to other users until you save them. We highly recommend saving any changes before you share the structure, so users see exactly what you see.