The Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender pulls in issues under epics and/or sub-tasks under issues for Team-managed projects.

Structure with Team-managed project extender

In the example above, we built our hierarchy by adding all our epics using a JQL Insert, and then we placed our tasks beneath them and our sub-tasks beneath tasks, using the Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender.

To add issues from Company-managed projects, use the Issues Under Epics Extender and Sub-tasks ExtenderDue to technical differences in how items are linked, the Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender only works for Team-managed projects.

Adding a Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender

To add a Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender, open the Add menu and select Extend.

Add an Extend generator

This will display the Extend generator options. Select Team-managed Project Hierarchy.

Choose the type of extend generator

Configuring the Generator

Each Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender can be customized to create exactly the hierarchy you need.

Team-managed Project Hierarchy Extender settings

Runs As

When a generator runs, it runs as the structure owner. This is important because the generator will have access to the same projects, issues, etc. as the user listed here – if they don’t have permission to view an issue, it won’t be added to the structure.

Extend Types

  • Extend epics - pulls in issues under epics already in the structure
  • Add sub-tasks - pulls in sub-tasks under issues already in the structure

Moving an item in the structure will change its parent issue in Jira

If checked, this option allows you to change an issue's parent issue by dragging it from beneath one issue to another:

  • If Extend epics is checked - Moving an issue from beneath one epic to another will update its epic link in Jira. Additionally, creating a new issue beneath an epic will link that issue to the epic in Jira.
  • If Add sub-tasks is checked - Moving a sub-task from beneath one issue to another will update its parent issue in Jira.

You can change up to 100 issues with a single move. If you need to update more than 100 issues, simply move them in chunks of 100 or fewer.

Please be aware that it may take up to several minutes to process all changes if 100 issues are moved at one time.

Extend Levels

Allows you to specify which levels in the hierarchy the extender should be applied to:

  • Levels are based on the placement of the generator, where "Level 1" is the level the generator is located on, "Level 2" is the level beneath that, and so on.
  • Issues/sub-tasks will only be added for those epics/issues within the selected range.
If you select both Extend Epics and Add sub-tasks, make sure to include enough levels for both. For example, if you select levels "from 1 to 1," issues will be placed beneath any epics in "Level 1." Those issues would then be in "Level 2," so the extender will not add sub-tasks beneath them. If you want those sub-tasks added as well, you would need to specify levels "from 1 to 2."

Place the generator on

Select where the generator should be placed within the structure hierarchy. This location will be considered "Level 1" when applying the generator (see "Extend Levels" above).

You have three options:

  • Current level - The generator will be placed on the currently-selected level. 
  • Level below - The generator will be placed on the level below the currently-selected item.
  • Top level - The generator will be placed at the top of the structure.

If a level is grayed out, it means it is not possible to place the generator on that level.

See Generator Scope to learn more.