If you’re using the Tempo Timesheets app, our integration allows you to track all your KPIs per account within a structure.

Structure Grouped by Tempo Accounts

Grouping by Tempo Accounts

  1. Add tasks, either manually or using Generators.
  2. Group tasks using the Tempo Account Grouper. In the Automation menu, select Automation | Group | Tempo Account…
  3. Add Structure columns to view the necessary data, such as Progress or Time Spent.
In the Time Spent column options, make sure the Sum over sub-items option is checked. This will aggregate your time data for each account.

Archived/Closed Accounts

When you add the Tempo Account grouper, you can select whether or not to display closed or archived accounts. To change this setting afterward, simply double-click the grouper in your structure.

Grouping by Teams

To group issues by Tempo Teams, use the Group by Attribute generator.