Before your team can utilize the Tempo Work Logged column in Structure, the Jira admin needs to make sure both Structure and Timesheets are installed and configure them to work together. 

Step 1: Obtain Your Tempo Client ID and Client Secret

  1. From the Tempo app, go to Settings > OAuth 2.0 Application
  2. Click +New Application
  3. Create a new application using the following settings:
  4. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret - you'll need them in the next step

For more information, see:

Step 2: Link Structure and Tempo

  1. From the Jira toolbar, go to Settings > Apps > Structure Cloud > Settings
  2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained in the previous step
  3. Click Apply

Tempo Timesheets integration with Structure

This configuration only needs to be completed once; however, each user will need to authorize Structure to access Timesheets data before they can use the Tempo Work Logged column. The user authorization process does not require any additional information - each user simply has to agree to let Structure access Timesheets data for them.

User Authorization

Once Timesheets and Structure are connected, each user needs to authorize Structure to access Timesheets data on their behalf. The first time they try to add or access a Tempo Work Logged column, they will see the following message. They should click Authorize and follow the authorization steps. Each user needs to complete this authorization only once.

Authorize Structure to access Timesheets data