When you're working across multiple projects and teams, chances are there are some inconsistencies between the link types being used. 

The following guide will show you how to quickly update all your links to a single, consistent link type using Structure.

The examples below demonstrate how to update link types for an initiative, but the same process can be used for other link types as well.

Step 1: Build a Simple Structure

  1. Create a new, blank structure and add 2 folders: "Original Link Type" and "New Link Type". 
  2. Manually add your parent initiative to both folders. Note: this should be the same initiative for both.

Step 2: Add Epics

  1. Highlight the Original Link Type folder and add a Linked Issue generator: +Add | Extend | Linked Items | select the inconsistent link type
  2. Highlight the New Link Type folder and add a Linked Issue generator: +Add | Extend | Linked Items | select the desired link type

Make sure the Moving items in the struture will update links option is checked for both generators.

Step 3: Update Link Types

Select all the issues under the generator added to the first folder, and drag them to the second folder, as children of the same initiative.

Structure will automatically replace all the old links with the new link type.

Need to keep the original links too? When dragging the items, hold down the "ctrl" key (Option key on Mac) to copy the items to the new iniative.

Additional Use Cases

You can also use this same method to:

  • Update other link types - just edit your Extend | Link generators and the original item added to each folder
  • Remove links - include an empty folder (no Extend generator) and drag your linked issues to the empty folder - the original link will be removed without adding a new link