Folders can be added to a structure to group issues within your hierarchy.

Some common uses for folders include:

  • Organizing issues into specific categories
  • Separating different projects or different parts of a project
  • Creating different Generators rules for different parts of a structure (if a generator is placed beneath a folder, it will only affect items in that folder - see Generator Scope)
  • Placing a structure within a structure (it's not necessary to use folders, but we recommend it)
Group generators make their own folders to group items by a common attribute.

Adding Folders to a Structure

To add a folder to a structure:

  1. Select the folder's location (the folder will be placed at the same level in the hierarchy, beneath the currently-selected item)
  2. Open the Add drop-down menu
  3. Select New Folder

Keyboard shortcut: Press Enter to open the Add New Item dialogue, and press Alt+Up/Down to select between Issue, Folder and Memo.

Users must have Edit permissions or higher to add folders to a structure.