You can review all the Effectors you've run as well as the changes they've made at anytime. Simply go to the Structure menu and select Manage Effectors.

Manage Effectors in the Structure menu

Jira admins can review all Effector processes on the Jira instance. All other users will only see their own. 

You can also review Effectors you've run by clicking the Effectors link in the Structure Board footer.

To view Effectors for a specific structure, open the Manage Structures page, locate the structure and click the number in the Effectors column.

Manage Effectors Page

The Manage Effectors page lists every time an Effector has been run and allows you to take several actions:

  1. Click the ID to view all changes made when an Effector was run and revert select changes if needed.
  2. Click the Effector's name to view the Effector in its structure.
  3. Click the structure name to view the structure containing the Effector.
  4. Click Revert to undo all changes made when the Effector was run. Note: this will revert the current field values to the values prior to this Effector's run, even if other changes have been made since.

Manage Effectors screen

Finding an Effector Process

To locate a specific Effector process, enter the Effector name (or as much of it as you can remember) into the search box at the top of the screen. If you still can't find it, you can filter the results by:

  • Structure, including Structure ID
  • Status of the Effector process
  • Who ran the Effector process