If you're migrating from Jira Server to Jira Data Center, please follow the instructions below to migrate your Structure configurations and all your structures:

Using Your Existing Hardware

This is the easiest way to migrate to DC. If you've installed a DC instance on the same hardware as your Server instance, the Structure software and all your structures should already be there (Structure and all extensions data is stored in the Jira database). You will just need to update your license (from Server to Data Center) for Structure and any installed extensions (Gantt, Pages, etc.).

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Moving to New Hardware

If you're installing Jira Data Center on new hardware or moving Jira data project by project, you'll need to back up your Structure data and import it to the new system. The following guides will walk you through each step:

  1. Backing Up Structure
  2. Migrating Structures

Migration is available for Structure and Structure.Gantt, and any other extensions (Pages, Deliver, etc.) will be included in the backup.

Need help or have questions? Contact Tempo Support.