Dark Feature - Synchronizers are hidden by default

We recommend using Automation instead of Synchronizers. Automation is safer, provides additional functionality and flexibility, and uses fewer system resources.

To enable synchronizers, see Advanced Configuration and Dark Features.

A resync, or full resynchronization, is a one-time process activated manually by the user to sync current state of the structure and Jira.

Resync scans all issues that may be affected by the synchronizer - contrary to the incremental synchronization, which inspects only issues that have been changed.

Resync Direction

When running a Resync, you need to choose it's direction.

Resync can be run:

  • from Structure - Issues in Jira will be updated based on the structure hierarchy. This is what happens when you export from a structure.
  • into Structure - The structure hierarchy is updated (issues will be moved, added or removed), based on the current state of the issues in Jira. This is what happens when you import into a structure.

A synchronizer may support resyncing in only in one direction. For example, the Saved Filter synchronizer, which adds issues from a saved filter result, can only sync into Structure.

The incremental (background) sync tries to apply changes on both sides to the other side, if possible, depending on where the change has happened. For example, with the Agile synchronizer, if you change the rank (issue position in the backlog on the Planning Board), its position in the structure is also changed; and if you change the position in the structure, it's rank is changed in Jira.

Running Resync

To run a resync:

  1. Open the Manage Structure page using the top navigation Structure
  2. Click the Settings link in the Sync With column for your structure
  3. On the synchronization settings page, find the synchronizer you'd like to Resync, and either
    1. Click Resync
    2. Click Resync and Enable if the synchronizer is disabled and you'd like to enable it immediately after the Resync finishes
  4. Select a direction for the Resync. See Resync Direction above.
  5. Click Start Resync.

    Resyncing in a wrong direction may lead to data loss! Please make sure you understand how each direction works and confirm running the resync when a confirmation dialog appears.

  6. The job status page that appears will tell you when the Resync has finished.

If the synchronizer is currently running an incremental synchronization, the resync will wait until it finishes.