Atlassian Platform

Jira Versions Supported

8.20+ (by the latest version)

See also: Platforms supported by Jira 

Jira Editions Supported

Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk)

Jira Data Center


See Server Requirements below

Confluence Versions
7.4 – 8.3 + (by the latest version)


Databases used by Jira are also supported by Structure. 


Structure Plugin is compatible with the following browsers:


Supported versions

Versions known to NOT work

Mozilla Firefox

All recent versions


All recent versions


All recent versions on OS X

Safari for Windows is not supported.


All recent versions

 Internet Explorer is not supported

Other browsersUnsupported, but may work 

Server Requirements

  • At least 100MB of free disk space is needed on the server. 
    • On Jira Data Center, each node must have sufficient free disk space in the local home.
  • Java process running Jira needs at least an additional 200 MB of heap memory. If running on Java 7 or earlier, ensuring sufficient free PermGen space is recommended. See Memory Guidelines for details. 

  • Jira process must have read/write permissions to the Jira (local) home directory to create the structure sub-directory automatically.

Non-Conforming systems

With regards to systems that don't conform to Jira requirements and Structure requirements: while we sometimes know that a specific configuration doesn't work, more often it's a grey area so feel free to try and let us know the results.