Structure lets you undo an operation if you realize that you have made a mistake or that the result is not what you expected. The following operations can be undone:

When you perform an operation that can be undone, a corresponding hyperlink appears in the footer at the bottom of the Structure screen. For example, if you drag and drop some items, the link will read "Undo Drag and Drop". If you click the link, your changes are reverted, and the link itself changes to a "redo" link, allowing you to reapply the operation.

When you remove items, a notification pop-up with an "undo" link also appears at the top of the page.

Currently only the last operation can be undone, but we are working on additional functionality for Undo.

If the operation being undone has been uploaded to the server already, then a new operation (or several operations) will be uploaded in order to revert the changes. You will see both the original operation and the undo operation in the structure history.