The user cannot see the Structure menu or access any structures. How do I resolve this problem?


To access Structure:

  1. Structure has to be enabled for the user - Check which groups the user belongs to and ensure at least one of them has Structure access.
  2. Structure must be enabled in any project that the user has permissions to view - Check which projects the user has permissions to view in Jira and make sure they are enabled for Structure.

If the user's permissions were just changed:

Configured permissions related to Structure are cached on the server, so for a couple of minutes after permissions are changed the user may not be able to access Structure. These caches will last for approximately 5 minutes before they automatically refresh. After that, the user should be able to use Structure.

To force a cache refresh, the user should do a hard refresh of their browser on any Jira page. After that, they should be able to use Structure immediately. In most browsers, hard refresh is achieved by clicking the Refresh button while holding the Ctrl or Shift button. If that doesn't work, check this list of ways to do a hard refresh in all popular browsers on Wikipedia: