This feature requires the App Migration Platform provided by Atlassian, which is not yet publicly available. However, our support team may be able to help you before the platform's general release. If you would like information about early access to the platform or are considering manual migration, please contact our support team at

Structure integrates with the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) to make it easy to migrate your existing structures to Jira Cloud.

Cloud Migration Tool

The Structure Migration Configurations allow you to associate specific structures with JCMA migrations. Then when you run JCMA, those structures will be recreated in Structure Cloud, based on:

  • Manually added issues and folders
  • Items added and organized through Automation
  • Structure views - only custom views associated with the selected structures will be migrated

Please note that Structure can only add issues from projects that have been migrated to cloud using the JCMA. We highly recommend that you only add structures to a migration configuration if 1) the associated projects are also being migrated in that set, or 2) those projects have been migrated previously using the JCMA.

At this time, some features are not available in Structure Cloud, including:
  • Certain types of Automation, including Effectors
  • Memos – any existing memos will be converted to folders in Structure Cloud

For more information see: Comparison to Structure for Jira Server, Data Center and Service Desk.

Enabling the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

Before you can migrate any structures using the JCMA, you first need to enable this feature in Jira:

  1. Open the Site Wide Dark Features page: <Your_Jira_URL>/secure/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa 
  2. Enter the following code into the Enable dark feature box:
  3. Click Add

Creating a Migration Configuration

When you create a new migration configuration, you are telling the JCMA which structures to include with a migration. 

Migration configuration settings

To set up a configuration, enter the following:

  • Name: In order to make it work successfully, it's important that each configuration's name match the corresponding migration.
  • Structures: Select the structures that should be included in the migration. If you want to include all structures, toggle Migrate all structures and views.

We recommend only including structures that have projects also being migrated or that have already been migrated by JCMA. If a project hasn't been migrated using JCMA, any issues from that project will not appear in the structure (even if a project of the same name exists in Jira Cloud).

You can create as many migration configurations as you need, based on how many migrations you're doing with JCMA - so there's no need to add all your structures to a single configuration.