Updated On30 Aug 2021
Next UpdateSep 2021

In this roadmap, we'd like to share some of the features the Structure team is going to work on in the near to mid term. The scope of the roadmap is 1 to 2 years.

A few notes and disclaimers about the roadmap:

  • We only list new, important functionality – we are also going to work on other things, such as improving existing features, improving quality, improving user interface, adding minor features.
  • This document lists only upcoming features in Structure. We're also working on Structure extensions, such as Structure.Gantt, which have their own roadmaps.
  • The roadmap is subject to change. We will update it periodically so it reflects our current vision.
  • We only describe features briefly. If you are interested in the details of some specific feature or can provide feedback and ideas, please let us know at info@almworks.com.

It is our general approach at ALM Works to focus on the quality of the product. Sometimes this means delivering a product later or changing plans and priorities, as unexpected dependencies and challenges appear. Therefore, while we try to adhere to the announced roadmap, by no means should it be considered an obligation from ALM Works, and it should not be relied upon when making purchasing decisions.

If you have any questions about our roadmap policy, please write to info@almworks.com.

Versions and Dates

We generally aim to release a minor version of Structure every 1-2 months and a major version every year. The following is an approximate release schedule for the scope of this roadmap.

Target MonthSep'21Nov'21Mar'22


Recently Released:

  • Structure 7.0: Formula language improvements - several improvements to formula language, including:
    • additional functions for working with dates
    • support for arrays
    • statistical functions
    • support for fixVersion.releaseDate.min()
  • Structure 7.2: Transformation improvements - ability to merge several transformations into one to reduce the amount of quick transformation rows and even colorize them

Here's the list of major features that we're planning to work on next year:

  • History support in formulas - ability to use dates from Jira events, such as the date of a status change or the date the issue was added to a sprint
  • Structure Health - ability to check if Structure is running correctly, see which structures need some help, and highlight active users and active structures
  • Formula library – ability to create, share and re-use formulas more easily and even between structures
  • Structure Templates improvements – revamp existing templates and add more
  • More integrations with other plugins - ability to use additional plugin fields for sorting, grouping, and formulas