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11 July 2012


Structure 1.7 introduces support for JIRA 5.1, provides more options in the Filter synchronizer configuration, and adds a number of smaller improvements.

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Version Highlights

  • Support for JIRA 5.1 (with support for the latest GreenHopper versions up to 5.10.x)
  • More flexible Filter synchronizer, with JQL Query and Allow Move options
  • Page reload not required on workflow transitions and most other JIRA actions, resulting in much smoother user experience

Changes in Detail

Support for JIRA 5.1

JIRA 5.1 has been released a couple of days ago and we're happy to announce that Structure 1.7 is fully compatible with the latest JIRA version.

The biggest change in 5.1, from the user interface perspective, is the new issue page with the inline editing of the field values. We did our best to make Structure play well with the new functionality in JIRA. Now when you change issue values in-line on the issue page, they are immediately updated in the Structure widget, and vice versa.

Filter Synchronizer Improvements

This version of Structure has an upgraded Filter synchronizer, which allows you to use any JQL query instead of a pre-existing Saved Filter. This makes it much easier to set up one or more filter synchronizers on a structure.

If you configure Filter synchronizer to add matching issues under a specific parent issue, there's now a new option for you, called Allow Move. When this option is turned on, and a matching issue is already in the structure – but at a different location, it will be moved under the specified parent issue. When this option is off, issues that are already added to the structure will never be moved. (This is how Filter synchronizer used to work before.)

Documentation: Filter Synchronizer

Less Page Reloads

Applicable to JIRA 5.0 - 5.1.x

In Structure 1.7, when you do a workflow transition (such as Resolve Issue) on the Structure Board, the change is uploaded and you can continue working on the same page – without waiting until it reloads. Most other JIRA actions that are available from the "Cog" drop-down or from the Operations dialog (triggered by the "." shortcut) also do not require page reload.

This seemingly small improvement really changes the feel of the application when you start working on a list of issues – especially if you like using the keyboard.

Other Improvements and Notable Bugs Fixed

Among other improvements:

  • The adjusted Time Tracking section on the issue page now remembers the position of the "Use Structure" switch (now called "Include sub-issues".) (HJ-746)
  • Anonymous users are no longer allowed to install synchronizers or run Import/Export, even if they have Control permission on a structure. (HJ-711)
  • JIRA Agile (GreenHopper) Synchronizer can now ignore Fix Version if synchronizing with the latest GreenHopper versions. The synchronizer used to check that affected issues have empty or non-released Fix Versions, which may now be obsolete when using Rapid Boards. (HJ-769)
  • Structure Plugin will now fail to start and will attract the administrator's attention if the underlying database is read-only (so the problem can be solved before it escalates.) (HJ-712)
  • Bug fixed: HJ-751 Ctrl+Click and Cmd+Click don't work on link inside Structure Widget as expected (open link in a new tab)

Supported JIRA Versions

This version supports JIRA versions 4.4 – 5.1.x. There are two separate downloadable files: one for JIRA 4.4.x, and one for JIRA 5.0 – 5.1.x.


Support for JIRA 4.3 is dropped starting with this version. The last working version for JIRA 4.3 is Structure 1.6.0. You can download older versions of Structure from Download Archive.


The plugin may be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace or from the Administration | Plugins menu. Further information is available in the Administrator's Guide.

Upgrading from a Previous Version

Migration to version 1.7 from version 1.6 is pretty straightforward and does not require unusual actions. Structure Backup is recommended as a safety measure.

Filter synchronizer configuration will be upgraded to preserve the functionality that was in place in the previous version. (That is, Allow Move setting will be Off by default.)

When upgrading from a version earlier than 1.6, please consult Upgrading section in all relevant Release Notes.

Detailed Change List

Our public JIRA contains the full list of issues resolved in Structure version 1.7.