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The current version of Pocket Desk automatically selects the Service Desk Project and the Queue to work with.


Manual selection of the Service Desk and the Queue, or working with multiple queues are coming in the future versions. If you need those features, please write us at

Automatic Selection of the Service Desk / Project

Pocket Desk automatically picks the first Service Desk project that the user has access to as a Service Desk team member.


If you work on multiple Service Desk projects, this version will automatically pick only one of them. To work with another Service Desk, the workaround is to ask JIRA administrator to create a user account that has access only to that other project.

Automatic Selection of the Queue

Pocket Desk automatically picks out the queue from the available Service Desk queues, based by the queue name. 

  • If there's a queue named "Pocket Desk Queue", it is used by Pocket Desk.
  • If there's a queue named "My open tickets" or "Assigned to me", that queue is selected.
  • Otherwise, the first queue in the list of queues is selected.

Checking Which Service Desk and Queue Are Selected

To see which Service Desk and Queue are being used, tap the Gear button in the top left corner.

After logging in using your JIRA Service Desk username and password, you will be prompted to select the Service Desk project you want to work with, and then a queue for that project.

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You can change project and queue at any time from the Settings menu (accessed via the gearwheel button in the bottom right of the screen).

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